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Pope Francis and New Media

We are starting a Catholic newspaper at my campus, where the established paper has published alone for the past 30+ years.  As this is a new concept, we have been very conscious to form our philosophy around the current mission of the Church.  In particular, we found Pope Francis’ address at the 48th World Communications […]


Does Your Music Have Soul?

My Saturday playlist is typically filled with the unexceptional tripe that saturates our local airwaves.  As electronic beats blend into monotonous noise, it reflects the frenetic sense of stress behind my study habits. Yet this weekend, rather than settling for the latest Eminem or Avicii, I sent Spotify deep into the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s […]

Christopher Dawson and the Krisis of Culture

All culture derives from cult, organically developing from the common religious belief and practice of people.  Consequently, every civilization is the embodiment of a particular culture, and thus of an inseparable religious heritage. Religious beliefs and moral sentiments are bound in symbiotic relationship with the governance and customary practices of society.  However, the modern world […]

Need some “Genius” Time?

If leisure is the foundation of a healthy culture, why has it been stripped from the halls of modern education?  By leisure I do not mean recess or lunchtime, but rather the free ability to pursue voluntary creative pursuits.   One of the major arguments against public education has consistently been its inability to accommodate such […]

Turn Down the Raise?

Turn down the raise. …a rather radical concept, isn’t it? What if, instead of working tirelessly at lower returns, we asked for the same pay, but fewer hours?  (Yes, dear economist, the purchasing power of money goes down over time…but that aside!)  Do we secure happiness by working incessantly for marginal wage increases?  Or, would […]

More Government in Education, Right?

Market solutions = nearly always preferred Federal interventions = (generally) bad These two statements contain the essence of conservative social preferences, that market solutions should be exhausted before inviting government entanglements.  However, our dear colleagues on the Left insist instead that, if we would only flood federal dollars and bureaucracy through our societal veins, all […]

Forget Not the Sinner

Generally speaking, conservatives identify as pro-life.  I often take this notion for granted, assuming my ideal of “pro-life-ness” is the norm among my colleagues on the right. However, a startling range of opinion appears whenever capital punishment is thrown in the mix.  Is life always sacred, or can the state wield death in the cause […]

Welfare Hurts Kids

Social welfare has been a progressive tool of choice for the past century.  It has been justified as an expression of solidarity, a way to help the vulnerable and impoverished in our society.  But what if such policies propagate the very circumstances they claim to cure?  Might the government be condemning another generation to lives […]

Abortion’s Uncomfortable Truth

The March for Life should sport a clearly marked warning in bright, fluorescent colors: when you return home, your commitment to the pro-life cause will be tried, resisted, and fought.  The status quo is comfortable, routine, while talk of abortion is clearly too charged for polite conversation.  You will learn to let the bygones of […]

Media: Bias and Responsibility

Last week, the March for Life drew hundreds of thousands to our nation’s capital as voices for the unborn.  We arrived on buses from distant reaches of the country to march on the National Mall, converging as witnesses to the sanctity of life.  Our massive numbers moved peacefully, prayerfully through the streets towards the Supreme […]