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The Empty Manger

Any healthy creature or culture shows two signs of life: It reproduces itself, and it fights off intruders. The West, for the past generation, has lacked the vigor to undertake either task. But each of us plays a part in this catastrophe—or its reversal.


Legalize Christian Marriage, Too

Power doesn’t just corrupt, it attracts the already corrupt, the envious, the resentful who crave the chance to micromanage and punish. How tempting it is for entrenched and lazy businessmen to use the police and prisons to enshrine their wealth in law; for sullen, slacking workers to quash fair competition; for corrupt and worldly churchmen to silence dissenters and reformers.

Bad Catholics 3

Eating Red or Blue State Food

I have grown impatient with the Left/Right distinction. There’s something almost insane about attempting to use a one-dimensional spectrum to describe something as complex as political philosophy. It’s like trying to build a house using only chopsticks and a hammer.

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Campus Chaos: Free Speech for Me but Not for Thee

The departments of Justice and Education have mandated a breathtakingly broad definition of sexual harassment that makes virtually every student in the United States a harasser. That’s just the biggest threat to freedom on campus.


Online Ergography: Harmless Fun or Risky Addiction?

As workers consume ever more ergography, they become inured to its milder (‘soft-core’) forms and require a stronger stimulus. Someone who might once have been content to take a furtive look at a photo of a Welsh coal miner, for instance, will soon find himself searching chat sites and message boards for ‘hard core’ videos of Japanese workers in radiation suits trying to clean up at Fukushima.