Egypt’s Military: Doing What Germany’s Should Have Done in 1933


Thirty million people in the streets of Egypt, with the help of the Egyptian military, have saved the United States from the consequences of its disastrous policy of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood since President Barack Obama came to office. Just months after his inauguration in 2009, Mr. Obama appeared in Cairo to address the Muslim world. He ensured that members of the Muslim Brotherhood were seated in the front row of the auditorium at Cairo University. Since the group was still officially banned in Egypt, no one from President Hosni Mubarak’s administration could attend. The message from the seating arrangement was unmistakable: even at the price of snubbing his official host, Mr. Obama recognized the Muslim Brotherhood as a legitimate player in Egyptian politics. Already, this was clearly interference in the internal affairs of the Egyptian state.

Former British ambassador Charles Crawford later characterized Obama’s quixotic address in the following way: “It boiled down to a well delivered speech full of clever emollient phrases that ultimately sent a message of appeasement to militant Islamist tendencies: Under my restrained leadership the United States will respect and accept conservative forms of Islam. Even if Islamism gets too aggressive we don’t plan to do much about it.”

Why would the United States want to give the green light to militant Islam? Wasn’t militant Islam, after all, the problem? Of course, President Obama has never publicly admitted that it is as a form of the “violent extremism” he opposes. But perhaps the Obama administration thought there was no alternative, or perhaps it was simply ignorant of the true nature of the Muslim Brotherhood. Most likely it thought that the Brotherhood could be tamed if it were given political responsibility. At any event, its representatives said some extraordinarily strange things. At a House Intelligence Committee hearing on February 10, 2011, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper described the Muslim Brotherhood as a “largely secular” organization with “no overarching agenda.” This was a rather unusual characterization of a group whose motto is: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” If that is secular, what might the religious be?

As for an overarching agenda, the de facto spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi proclaimed: “Islam is a comprehensive school of thought, a creed, an ideology, and cannot be completely satisfied but by [completely] controlling society and directing all aspects of life, from how to enter the toilet to the construction of the state.” That means the rule of sharia (Islamic jurisprudence), to which the Muslim Brotherhood has been dedicated since its inception in 1928. The other objective is the restoration of the universal caliphate. The vehicle for doing both is establishment of a one-party totalitarian state.


Totalitarians Don’t Share Power

The totalitarian parties on which the Muslim Brotherhood was modeled – Lenin’s Communists, Mussolini’s Fascists, and Hitler’s National Socialists – showed no inclination toward moderation once having obtained political power. All of them remained true to their principles. Once in power after Mubarak’s overthrow, President Mohammed Morsi gave a hint of what was to come by openly calling for Shaykh Omar Abdel-Rahman’s repatriation to Egypt from the U.S. federal prison in which he is incarcerated. The famous blind Shaykh was considered the spiritual inspiration behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and is serving a life sentence in connection with a subsequent plot to bomb New York landmarks and tunnels. Might this have been a sign of trouble to come?

In January, a congressional delegation, including Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, were in Cairo visiting President Morsi when an embarrassing pair of videos appeared on the site of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), documenting the virulent anti-Semitism Morsi had expressed in campaign appearances in 2010. In a September, 2010 interview, Morsi gave a preview of what Egypt’s approach to Israel might be:

Either [you accept] the Zionists and everything they want, or else it is war. This is what these occupiers of the land of Palestine know – these blood-suckers, who attack the Palestinians, these warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs…We must confront this Zionist entity… We want a country for the Palestinians on the entire land of Palestine, on the basis of [Palestinian] citizenship. All the talk about a two-state solution and about peace is nothing but an illusion…

In another 2010 appearance at a rally in his hometown in the Nile Delta, Morsi said:

We must never forget, brothers, to nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews.”  Morsi added that Egyptian children “must feed on hatred; hatred must continue… The hatred must go on for God and as a form of worshiping him.

Everyone in the U.S. delegation got terribly embarrassed over these indiscretions but cleared their throats and continued their trip after President Morsi assured them that the remarks were taken out of context. What might that context have been? Could it have been the context of the Qur’an with its proclamations of everlasting curses upon the Jews? Or perhaps the context of the Muslim Brotherhood program itself – or of its Hamas branch which promises in its charter to eliminate Israel? In either case, how anyone could have been surprised by what Morsi had said after more than eight decades of such rhetoric from the Muslim Brotherhood and its branches must have been in a state of either willful or blissful ignorance. Nonetheless, support from the United States continued. Secretary of State John Kerry met with Morsi in March when he released $250 million in American aid, with promises of more to come.

The only way the United States could have behaved in the way in which it has was by not taking the principles of the Muslim Brotherhood seriously. We still don’t, which explains the many lamentations over Morsi’s downfall (such protestations were notably absent when Mubarak fell in much the same way). Even intelligent commentators like Fouad Ajami can make statements that, “When the Obama administration could not call the coup d’état by its name, we put on display our unwillingness to honor our own democratic creed…” Come again? Since when does our democratic creed require support for the restoration of a party whose principles are inimical to that creed and to the underlying principle of democracy that all people are created equal?

Bernard Lewis predicted this mess when he said that the rush to early elections after the fall of Mubarak would lead, as did similar events in the Weimar Republic, to the ascension of the most dangerous elements society – meaning victory for the Muslim Brotherhood. In an interview with David Horowitz in the Jerusalem Post (February 25, 2011), Lewis cautioned that the discourse in Egypt is still “religiously defined” and that “the language of Western democracy is for the most part newly translated and not intelligible to the great masses.” How many Egyptians, for instance, actually believe that Copts and Muslims, men and women, believers and nonbelievers, are equal—to say nothing of Jews and Muslims? Pressing for elections now, he warned, could lead to catastrophe, as only religious parties are well enough organized to take advantage of them. (Lewis preferred first to see the development of local self-governing institutions.) Therefore, he said, “I don’t see elections, Western-style, as the answer to the problem. I see it rather as a dangerous aggravation of a problem. The Western-style election…has no relevance at all to the situation in most Middle Eastern countries. It can only lead to one direction, as it did in [Weimar] Germany, for example.” He was right. True to form, once in power, the Muslim brotherhood and Morsi went methodically about trying to monopolize power. Morsi assigned himself powers that a Pharaoh would have envied.

Sudanese writer Al-Hajj Warraq, got it exactly right in an Egyptian television interview last year. He said:

Democracy is about more than just the ballot box. Democracy is a culture engraved upon the cerebral box before it is the ballot box. One cannot talk about freedom in the absence of free minds. The tragedy of the Arab Spring is that when the tyrannical regimes fell, the fruits were reaped by movements that preach closed-mindedness, rather than free thinking. The outcome will be regimes that are worse than those that were toppled.

Apparently, the Egyptian people – at least the 30 million who were in the streets marching against Morsi – agreed with him. Unfortunately, the United States has not.

When Hosni Mubarak was arrested in 2011 after his overthrow, no United States senators visited him in prison or in his prison hospital. Why not? He had been an ally of the United States for almost three decades. The answer is that such a visit would have clearly telegraphed to the Egyptian people that the United States supported Mubarak’s restoration.


Why are Americans Backing the Muslim Brotherhood?

Likewise, what were the Egyptian people expected to make of the visits earlier this month by Senators McCain and Graham to Mohammed Morsi under house arrest and to, of all people, the Deputy Guide of the Brotherhood, Khairat al-Shater, also under arrest? No matter what intentions Senators McCain and Graham may have had, the choreography of the visits clearly indicated support by the United States for a Muslim Brotherhood restoration. On top of that, President Obama has now canceled the long-planned military exercises with the Egyptian military, further expressing his disapproval. These actions obviously encourage and incite the pro-Morsi opposition. The Brotherhood will be less likely to reach an accommodation with the new government because of them.

However, accommodation is not in the cards, anyway. The Muslim Brotherhood thought, no doubt, that with its accession to power in Egypt, arguably the most important Arab country, it was well on its way to realizing its millenarian dream of expansion and the reconstruction of the caliphate. Arab spring eruptions elsewhere in the Middle East were also going its way. Therefore, to lose the pinnacle of power in Egypt places its members in a life or death struggle. Since this struggle is at its heart every bit as ideological as were the struggles in the Weimar Republic in the 1930s or the struggles in Imperial Russia in the 1917, deploring violence and calling for reconciliation simply makes the United States appear naïve and totally disconnected from the ground truth of what is actually taking place. (Saudi Arabia and the UAE understand what is going on, which is why they are willing to pony up $12 billion in support of the new government. They are relieved that the Brotherhood’s imperial project, of which they were intended victims, has been thwarted for the time being.)

In this struggle for power, some people will win; others will lose, but it is important enough that both sides are willing both to take and to lose lives to reach their objectives. Tut-tutting on the sidelines makes the United States appear ridiculous. Instead of just deploring violence, we should be appraising the character of the moral principles animating the two sides in this conflict and supporting the side that more closely comports with our own. And yes, that may require the choice of a lesser evil.

Unfortunately, the German military did not move against Adolph Hitler when he became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Had they done so, Europe and the United States would have been spared a world of woe. Had that happened, would the American government have tried to intervene at the time, insisting on a restoration of Hitler, who had been democratically elected by a plurality of the German people? Would we have insisted that our democratic creed required us to do so? These questions answer themselves. We would have been grateful to the German military for doing so. We should likewise have some appreciation for what the Egyptian military has done to save its country and, by the way, preserve U.S. strategic interests in that area of the Middle East.

But what about the transition to democracy? Maybe the new government will be able to make one, but most likely, at least for the foreseeable future, it may not be able to. That will depend on the underlying conditions of which Bernard Lewis and Al-Hajj Warraq spoke. In any case, as Jean Kirkpatrick taught us long ago, an authoritarian regime is always preferable to a totalitarian one.


Robert Reilly is a Senior Fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council. He has taught at the National Defense University and has written for The Wall Street Journal, National Review, Claremont Review of Books, and The Washington Post. He has served in the White House as Special Assistant to the President (1983-85) and was Senior Advisor for Information Strategy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (2002-06). He is a former Director of the Voice of America and is a member of the board of the Middle East Media Research Institute. Mr. Reilly is the author of Surprised by Beauty: A Listener’s Guide to the Recovery of Modern Music (2002). His most recent book, The Closing of the Muslim Mind: How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist Crisis, was published by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute in 2010.


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  • Jim Boyd

    “Egypt’s Military: Doing What Germany’s Wehrmacht Should Have Done in 1933”

    Actually, the professor who wrote this should have done his homework. The Wehrmacht didn’t exist until March 16, 1935. the German Weimar Republic’s Army in 1933 was the Reichswehr

    It looks like some editing is in progress, because when one clicks now on the link, it reads:

    “Egypt’s Military: Doing What Germany’s Should Have Done in 1933” (Germany’s what??)

    • Joseph

      Germany’s military, referencing the 2nd word of the title.

    • Kevin Kent

      Umm, at the risk of sounding stupid, the Weimar Republic was established in 1919…

      • Jim Boyd

        You don’t sound stupid, you are correct. And the Weimar Republic lasted, mostly, until 1933 and Hitler’s ‘Enabling Act’ took hold.

  • Zmirak

    Yes, we made the correction. And the meaning of the headline is clear: Egypt’s military is doing what Germany’s (military) should have done….

  • Ronni Shalit

    SUPERB analysis!

  • tammersalem

    Excellent analysis! This is what most of us in Egypt are struggling to make the west understand – however the Muslim Brotherhood have won the media war by having a slick and well funded white wash campaign.
    But when you boil it down to it’s basics – we revolted against a fascist regime that spent a year inciting against really everyone but themselves, attacking all state institutions and forcing their own people in, mismanagement of the economy on am epic scale. That revolt was met with violence and once negotiations failed it turned into terrorist attacks (on churches, schools, business, police stations, etc.).

    • Pakistani

      so mubarak, SCAF and sissi rule for last 50 plus years is not fascist but MB’s one 1 year rule is! where even the parliament was disqualified by mubarak era judiciary? Didnt 64% ppl vote in referendum and Mursi got elected by 51% votes? shame on liberals justifying killings just bcz these are islamists? if u push them out of politics, no wonder u will get violence by them. This is just the same as Algeria and Palestine where islamists will never be allowed to be in power!

      • WriteGuy

        Seems to any reasonable thinking person these creatures were in power for a year that was attended by violence and tyranny. They abused their mandate from the people in favor of their twisted ideological religious views, shared only by their simple-minded followers. When the lights went on and the people saw what was happening, they threw them out. If only the American people could have done the same in 2008.

        • Pakistani

          so americans are also simple-minded led astray by Obama. Why dont u come so streets to ask US Army to take over??

      • mohamad sedky

        give us any thing that Morsi did for the people even he failed to lie or even dream for a better life and was afraid to accept new p.election and finally after 33 millions asked him , his answer was threats to the people the real people calling the allies to burn down the country and import all the terrorist groups to defend the Islamic thrown

        • Pakistani

          Why dont the judiciary then let Mursi hold parliamnetary elections so that ppl can bring in a prime minister and parliament that is anti-MB?? Why topple the president by Army? Why should there be new elections within 1 year? Bush was so unpopular in his second tenure, does it mean he hold elections or US military take him over.

          Didnt 64% of egyptians voted for new consistution? Didnt Mursi build better relations with the likes of turkey and qatar? How can you expect MB to change country in 1 year when Army which controls 50% of egyptian economy failed in last 60 years? Fyi, I have lived and worked in egypt and in fact lived at the very same ramses square where ppl were slaughtered by Army. I am so shocked that killing ppl is acceptable to so many egyptians!

          btw, the 33 million signatures is an unproved fact. Get it verified independently by UN before we talk about that. Also, there were 48% ppl who voted against Mursi so you can easily expect lot of opposition against him. same was the case for bush and now obama but this doesnt give the 48% right to say after 1 year, we want to topple you. The sitting American president poularity goes as low as 20s percent but is he thrown out then?????h

      • Ahmed Moursi

        Dont be fooled by the elections my friend. We are Egyptians and we during that 1 year , we lived and saw things we never saw during the 5o years of Mubarak that you refer to. They deserve what they got and please dont defend them and dont even call them Islamists because they have nothing to do with Islam except that they use it as a tool for power and brain washing

        How do you expect us to accept people who hold weapons in our faces in the streets just because we dont share the same ideology as theirs ? If the country was left under their hands , we would have been turned into another Iran within 3 years time

        They compare Morsy to the prophet himself in their speeches , now you as a Muslim , would you accept that ?

        The Muslim Brotherhood movement is a secret cell movement that has been established in the 20’s by the British themselves in order to destabilize Egypt and prevent any sense of nationalism , they are traitors.

        Let me explain it to you in a simple way ” War on Islam stood by it Saudi , Kuwait , UAE & Jordan and stood against it the UK , US , Denmark and France ? ”

        Please use your minds and pay attention to the details !

        • Pakistani

          first bro, get facts right, Mubarak ruled for 30 yrs not 50. The remaining were other milirary guys. Also why would British establish MB in 20s against their own government??? Also why wont British and US then support them in all the 60 odd years since british left egypt??? For protestors against MB, Nour party is okay when they use islamism to challenge Mursi to become more extremists. I can only see that MB was trageted bcz it has got islamists roots. Its not war on islam. Nour party salafists are supported by middle eastern powers. There is no opposition to coup by western powers, its all so called condemnation when they are not even calling it a coup. Being a Pakistani, i know how they condemned pakistan military coups more strongly and then became friends with them behind the scenes! Pakistan and egypt military are best friends of west and they would never do such a big action without their behind the scenes support! Pakistan is a big proof of that.

    • Mostafa Abd Elhamed


  • Joe Black

    Obama’s amateurism was on full display when he professed his man-love for the Muslim Brotherhood. This is a fanatical Muslim group with direct ties to terrorist organization. No true Muslim would ever allow themselves to be a member of such a group. Thankfully the Egyptian Army will eradicate this plague from the Earth, and save us the trouble.

  • JohnBreland

    Ditto. This from a wonderful friend and teacher in Cairo:

    To the whole world : i am really thankful to our policemen and army for the great job they did towards the terrorist camps , it was tough job. But they were patient they had extremly self control , they helped old women to walk carrying their stuff , and over all they were patient for 40 days almost to give them a chance for reconsilition but they refused . Thank you again my dear country , God protect you from evil hands .

    • luv2dive

      My dear friend in Cairo sent me this article to read. He was very optimistic as well as other mutual Egyptian friends when Obama was elected. When the last election came, however, they were praying he would not be re-elected. He admitted they had hoped for more from Obama but they realized how wrong they were about him. We both mourned the loss of the last election together.

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  • Derek Currie

    I’ll bet anything you like that Al Jazeera never interview this guy….

  • dragonfly

    i am from the US and i can see clearly what is going on,we have alot of sheep over here with blind eyes following our leader who supports the terrorist muslim brotherhood. i stand with the people of Egypt and the Egyptian military. if only the rest of my country would wake up to the reality that we need to do the same.

    • jerztarheel

      We have a constitution that puts most of the power in the hands of the States. However, the people we elected who are in Washington DC do not choose to assert the Constitution as it was meant to be. The whole congress and the executive branch need their houses cleaned. Then we need leaders in the Stated to grow a pair and challenge DC in the courts to regain their rightful place in control. But Americans are too complacent. Too fat and happy. And 51% get everything for nothing, so they won’t stand up for the right kind of change. What a mess. We need to use the only power we have – the vote. And we need to rally all our friends to do the same.

  • somebody_cool
  • Ranger

    Typo: Mubarak was arrested in 2010 not 2001.

  • cfisher11

    Thank you for the typo correction! We have updated the piece.

  • cfisher11

    Thank you for the typo correction! We have updated the piece

  • Pakistani

    it starts with an extremely doubtful and made-up figure of thirty million ppl on streets! and questions whether egyptians believe in this motto: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” I guess most muslims do believer in it regardless of whether they like MB or not. No one should have the right to impose their own version of life and politics, neither MB nor anti-MB. Let the ppl of egypt and ppl of other muslim countries decide whether they want political islam or not. The generals dont decide that, its the ballot paper which does. To say Egyptian ppl are not ready for democracy and elect their own leaders, is an insult to egyptian nation and justification by so called liberals who are even willing to side with Saudi Arabia to get all pro-Mursi guys killed! we had the exact same thought process in Pakistan and realised that we were utterly wrong and egypt has not learned its lessons either.

    • Kevin Kent

      Muslims don’t understand representative democracy. They believe it is one man, one vote, one time. That’s not freedom–that’s despotism by means of the ballot box. There is no freedom when the minority is being persecuted. Until Muslims realize that, “democracy” is just a euphemism for Islamic fascism.

  • Adel Assaad

    The piece makes it look like Obama should have known better, and that Charles Crawford’s statement was prophetic. It’s no such thing! Obama’s speech dates from 2009 and Crawford’s statement seems to date from July 8th, 2013 by his own admission. Talk about prediction through belated hindsight (it borders on revisionism). Let’s not forget that Obama was trying to engage the Islamic world by signaling the US would accept that democracy might lead to an islamic state. The MB were in fact organized enough to win an election (Well! Not without rushing the opposition into it before they were prepared, but they did have enough good will on the street to participate and score victories).
    Let’s not forget either that SCAF let the MB rush the elections (yes folks, it doesn’t take an expert to know that in 2011, the elections were rushed in favor of the MB), then stood by while they ran roughshod over governance, the constitution, for a year before deciding to step in AFTER the people had had enough. Everyone is guilty of underestimating the madness of the MB project. If anything, whatever the Egyptian military is doing right now with so much violence is their own fault to a large extent. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

    • Kevin Kent

      Are you serious? Other than McCain and Graham, virtually the entire Republican Party warned that the Arab Spring would lead to despotism the likes of which had rarely been seen even in the Middle East. It’s totally and utterly absurd to say that this is merely hindsight. Everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knew that the Muslim Brotherhood was a totalitarian regime.

      • Adel Assaad

        You conflate “Arab Spring” with “MB Islamic project”. The “Arab Spring” didn’t start out in Egypt as an Islamic project; it turned that way because of SCAF’s decisions in the summer and fall of 2011. You conflate “Republican party” with “Charles Crawford”, whose piece is titled “That Obama 2009 Cairo Speech – in Retrospect”: my claim in that regard is that Crawford’s words are way too late to be predictions as implied in the article. There was a point in 2011 where SCAF could have delayed the elections, as the opposition was demanding, to allow everyone to wage an electoral campaign on an even keel. And given that Morsi garnered only 26% of the vote in that election, the statement that “the Arab Spring would lead to despotism the likes of which had rarely been seen even in the Middle East” is pure hyperbole. In fact, here’s a prediction for you: The islamic project of the MB is finished in Egypt, to the chagrin of Qatar and Erdogan of Turkey, and with the help (gulp) of Saudi Arabia. If the military brings about a dictatorship in Egypt, it will be the continuation of Mubarak’s deep state. As to the GOP being thrust into this, if the GOP hadn’t whored itself on the altar of making Obama’s a failed presidency, I would have bothered to answer that claim as well.

        • Kevin Kent

          To take you seriously you’d have to assume that the Libya and Syria projects also didn’t exist. The Arab Spring has been a total and utter failure–just as we conservatives predicted from the very beginning–because we knew that Islam in the Middle East wouldn’t allow it to succeed. Your position is foolish because it assumes that liberal democracy is possible among people whose worldview is stuck in the 7th century. It’s not possible and we conservatives predicted this from the very beginning. To deny this truth is to deny gravity.

          • Adel Assaad

            What is foolish is to conflate Libya with Egypt; that is, to conflate the only nation in the Middle East with an identity that wasn’t cobbled by colonialism with any other; or to expect a country that was ruled by outsiders between roughly 330 BC and 1952 CE to spring by magic into democracy on the timetable of a Caribbean cruise, or to say they’re stuck in the 7th century when in fact only a minority at this point is stuck in the 9th century, or to assume that demographics in Egypt aren’t trending, much like in the US, to disfavor conservative dogma, or to ignore that conservative and neoconservative claptrap gave us the cancer that is militant islam, starting with Reagan’s dealings with the mullahs of Iran, through US support for the Afghani Mujahedin against the soviets, or the senseless bombing of Iraq, which is really where all this mess you lament started. I never expected the Arab Spring to result in a america-approved democratic summer. Egypt is more like 1789 France than 1776 America. It’ll be messy, it’ll fawn a Robespierre or two: we’re in it for the long game. That you waste your time arguing that I would have thought that, now that is foolish.

          • Kevin Kent

            You’re a typical leftist. You use a lot of words to say almost nothing. Egypt elected by a solid majority the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that is widely associated with militant, fascist Islam. Libya and Syria “Arab Springs” have resulted in a resurgence of radical Islam politically. This was predicted FROM THE VERY BEGINNING of the “Arab Spring”. You simply cannot admit that the American Right predicted the failure from the beginning because it would contradict your belief that Obama is a good and decent President and that Islam is compatible with freedom. The reality is, Islam is a demonic death cult practiced by savages with belief systems that make the dark ages of Europe look like rainbows and sunshine.

          • Adel Assaad

            Nah, not leftist, an actual Egyptian who knows more than to give the hind quarters of a rodent about what the US thinks, let alone a conservative. Your statement about “solid majority” is at odds with a country where cabbies in Cairo toss MB-looking folk out their cabs (or so the lore goes). As to when this all started, I was in my sophomore year in college in Cairo around 1978, and the MB was quite comfortable with Sadate who needed them to counterbalance the soviets and repivot Egypt toward the US for the Camp David agreements. Then they killed him. I watched people around me ship off to Afghanistan to fight Charlie Wilson’s war (Reagan’s doing) and come back bearded and dressed in white garb, with experience fighting. Al Qaeda came out of that mess. This has been a long time coming, and conservatives in power had a major hand in it, and have never been able to predict any of the consequences of their actions. Forgive me if I do you can. Now as to all this demonic silliness, having been born into the Copt Orthodox church, founded by an actual apostle in 42CE, I could say the same about anything that popped up state-side, including your faith. But I won’t, maybe because I’m librul that way and we don’t mind other people having a go at faith their way. Now we come to an end of our enjoyable interaction, because we’ve digressed far afield into conservative versus librul land, and because they’ve been teaching us since the ninth century that a conservative is conservative because he simply can’t change his mind. You have the last word, I promise :)

          • Kevin Kent

            What’s pathetic is that you’re actually Egyptian and yet we conservatives in the United States said from the very beginning of your absurdly idiotic “revolution” that the Islamic fascists would take over and start to persecute the minority. It’s pathetic that a native Egyptian couldn’t see reality that was staring you in the face. It’s absurd that white, Christians in the middle of a farm in Kansas could see the “Arab Spring” for the faux revolution that it was.

      • MoonBeamWatcher

        Where was Obama when the people of Iran rose in protest of government? His silence about that and the murders of Christians speaks volumns about where his HEART and soul is!? God forgive him and those who voted for him THE second time!

        • jerztarheel

          Hear – Hear!!

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  • Ban Jamate

    Quran Not For Childern

    Qur’an (66:1-5) – “O Prophet! Why ban thou that which Allah hath made lawful for thee, seeking to please thy wives?.” Another remarkable verse of sexual convenience concerns an episode in which Muhammad’s wives were jealous of the attention that he was giving to a Christian slave girl (Maria). But, as he pointed out to them, to neglect the sexual availability of his slaves was against Allah’s will for him! That means Allah permitted Muhammad to have sex with Captive, Unmarried,Non-Muslim.

    Quran Not For Children
    “Quran 56:22-And [for them are] fair women with large,[beautiful] eyes”,
    That means-you will get white (fair skin)girl only in haven for your pleasure if fight as a Al-Qead.No black,no Indian,no Rohinga girl give to you.And Muhammad never married BLACK girl. Allah’s few “revelations” that sanctioned Muhammad’s personal pursuit of sex to the doubters around him.It become part of eternal Qur’an,to be memorized by generations of Madrasa Children for whom they have no possible relevance.

    Quran Not For Children
    Bukhari (5:268)-“The Prophet used to visit all his wives in a round, during the day and night and they were eleven in number.”Question to Anas, ‘Had the Prophet the strength for it?’Anas replied, ‘Muhammad used to say that the Prophet was given the strength of thirty men.’ ” Please do not let children read Quran –It talks about Muhammad’s Holy Sex life too much.Quran is not good for kids.China just ban Islam for young people below 18 years old. Now your turn ban Quran for your CHILDREN.

  • Kevin Kent

    Muslims don’t have the slightest clue about freedom. Your idea of freedom is 50% +1 ruling 50% -1 with an iron fist. Freedom and Islamic theocracy are totally incompatible. Freedom and a Satanic cult are utterly incompatible.

    • Adiba Mina

      You know nothing about Islam to call it a Satanic cult. At least in Islam, people worship one God, not a man.

      • Kevin Kent

        Christians worship ONE God. Muslims worship Satan, their father. In the end, we win, Satan loses. May God haste the day of His return.

  • rrreilly

    Then read it from the Brotherhood yourself.
    CAIRO–Good news for political reformers and Islamists: In an unexpected bit of diplomatic choreography, several members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been invited to attend Barack Obama”s speech in Cairo tomorrow. This is a small triumph for the many people upset that Obama”s visit would simply affirm Hosni Mubarak”s near-monopoly on political discourse here, and if reports are true that the invitation came after a push for Washington, suggests that Obama isn”t putting on a show perfectly tailored to Mubarak”s liking.

  • rrreilly

    Please read the article. It says in Egypt, not in Tahrir Square.

  • rrreilly

    To be more exact, I should have said that the Nazi party, rather than Hitler, won a plurality — though it is a distinction without a difference. The Nazi Party received a plurality of seats in the 1932 parliamentary elections. In the 1933 German federal elections, the Nazi party won almost 44 percent — another plurality. Of course, on the August 19, 1934, Hitler won 90 percent of the vote in the plebiscite to approve his new powers assumed after the death of Hindenburg.

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  • Ahmed

    YES, Military was submitted to the well of 33 million Egyptian filled the
    streets and squares in CAIRO shouting Morsi is no more our president.Now
    all are suffering in Egypt from the terrorist Muslim brotherhood ,in
    two days they burnt churches and killed many policemen. Finally we trust our current leaders and our Military. thanks

  • Edward Jackson

    Watch the movie Obama2014 and you will understand why he thinks the way he does…Obama, the Democrates, and some republicans are irresponsible and wilfully negligent in thier politics…they need to go back and read history and see why the brotherhood were originally outlawed in Egypt…to think we pay these guys to inplement policies like this

  • rrreilly

    former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, in fact noted, “Obama’s Cairo speech was precisely about encouraging Middle Easterners to redefine their identity from a national one–principally Arab–to an Islamic one. Obama invited the Brotherhood to sit in the front row

  • Sahar Sadek

    MuslimBrtherhood is the mother of all terrorists factions. Bin Laden was MB before he was the Quaeda leader. Who accepts to be ruled by terrorism? Who would surrender to criminals destroying his culture and civilization? Long live the Egyptian army and police!!

  • luv2dive

    My friend in Egypt forwarded this to me today and it is beyond outstanding! Thank you for such an excellent article!

  • rrreilly

    Also this from Raymond Stock, 20-year resident of Egypt, at Fox News:
    “Tellingly, he [Obama] invited the leaders of the banned Muslim Brotherhood to attend, where they sat in the front row. This effectively excluded his official host and America’s friend, President Hosni Mubarak, who pleaded ill health.”

  • Capt Jack

    World War 3 is here. The American Media has just not reported it.

  • Inas

    if u r really from Pakistan.. then: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and stop arguing on something u don’t even know about…

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  • WriteGuy

    You seem to have been licking the fingers of your LEFT hand for far too long.

    • jerztarheel

      :-O :-)

  • Bullydia

    don’t believe the BBC!!

  • Mohsen Hassan

    Coup, of demonstrators Btaúrath the images that they are 30 million in the biggest lie in history to spend the first elected president since 7000 and continuing in the manufacture of massacres and ethnic cleansing and sectarian opponents supporters of legitimacy

  • Meguid El Nahas

    Excellent and unbiased analysis. At last somebody sees what is happening and talks sense. Would anybody have minded whether it was called…coup…or otherwise…if Hitler had been removed by force in 33 or if anyone of the tens of attempts on his life had succeeded…???? certainly not those who have died because of his fascist and totalitarian regime.

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  • Frumious Falafel

    A brilliant article. Cogent and unwavering in its description of the utter ineptitude of Obama, and much of his crowd.

    A few years after Obama leaves office, and the first serious appraisals are written about him, the country will slowly but surely see just how extensive his failures were. Whether, for example, he truly is enamored by the Muslim Brotherhood, or just incredibly naive, the President has done real damage in his courtship of them.

    I for one had no idea just how far he had gone, for example, in his Cairo speech. It’s beyond ineptitude.

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    Thank you Egyptian patriotic military for fighting for democracy in spit of Obama and his White House full of the Muslim Brotherhood members!

  • – v

    “Thirty million people in the streets of Egypt, with the help of the Egyptian military, have saved the United States from the consequences of its disastrous policy of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood since President Barack Obama came to office.”

    IMHO, the U.S. has no ‘policy’. Only interests. It was an interest that led to America once supporting, dealing with and arming the Taliban.

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  • MoonBeamWatcher

    He Soeto/Obama is NO IDIOT his agenda is to pit the Blacks (29% of USA) vs. Rest of country so Obamma can suspend the Constitution and rush in the National Guard to save them from slaughter – and then declare himself The Grand Muffti of North America, FOR LIFE.

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    McCain is what McCain does, Dumped his first wife after leaving the Hanoi Hilton and married the RICH MANS’ daughter. Did a ass kissing mission for Obama and AMERICA will pay for this bull-shit!
    McCain is a demRublican!

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    As a FYI, if my OLD memory serves me Hillary struggled with the OVERTHROW of Mubarak and said it would destabalize the region.

    I think the lack of answer was not to feed you with the fact that Obama is a closited Muslim. Witness him not saying a word AGAINST Christian murders and church burnings. Spoak divisevly about cop attack on the RACIST Harvard professor followed by a make up attempt in CHAMPIONING Trevel Martin and supporting Pit Bulls while SWALLOWING the illogical notion the Ft. Hood was a workplace incident . . . abandoned our outpost in Benghazi and RELIEVED Admiral and General who claimed they had solution for saving Chris Stevens. Are the fires out west acts of TERRORISM? Tell me one lie and forever I doubt every word out of your mouth!

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    Correct me (I’m sure Pakistani) if wrong the Koran as written is adjustable by the Fatwa of the moment . . . so much for trying to promot a political party as a religious one. No such animal as a extremist or radicalized muslim, just a simple description that includes them all: Islamist Muslim.

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    The minorities survived by paying to exist.

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    Correct me (I’m sure Samar) if wrong the Koran as written is adjustable by the Fatwa of the moment . . . so much for trying to promot a political party as a religious one. No such animal as a extremist or radicalized muslim, just a simple description that includes them all: Islamist Muslim.

    A lot like using a cake mix in a muffin tin and saying it ain’t a cake.

  • Dr. Mohama sedky

    why you forgot that the support of Obama encouraged the MB to act violently against the army,police, chrestains and the real majority of people and also called on all terrorist groups to join the sacred war of the so called Islam Moreover Obama still presses on the temporary government not to ban the terrorist group or its branches

  • EgyptianPatriot

    Thank you so much for writing the truth that we “on the ground” have seen with our own eyes. I just hope that the U.S. wakes up. Why Obama supports the MB completely baffles me … I’ve started wondering if the conspiracy theorists are correct about him and his true intentions.

  • 10thMountainFire

    Haha let me know how that works out for you… China’s environmental policies and Russia’s imperialistic foreign policy should really, really be enjoyable for you.

  • Pakistani

    sorry buddy, i dont reply to abusive ppl. we can have a conversation if you dont use abusive language. Btw, i have lived in the very same ramses square where ppl were slaughtered. I am not supporting MB here, but I am against any violence and anyone supporting this violence should be ashamed. Kul ya ayuhula Kafiroun. Please read surah kafiroun in quran.

  • Pakistani

    not just pragmatic and highly educated but friends of west and israel. thats what you need there! How comes MB was not pragmatic when they even recognised israel, built relationships with US and not educated when some of them including mursi was educated in US??? If MB was such a flop, wouldnt they have been voted out in next elections? Mubarak and military got 60 years and MB one year? And you are happy with that…sorry sir but thats sheer hypocrisy and the only thing that has made MB bad for most ppl is they are islamists!

  • Pakistani

    fyi, i have lived in the very same ramses square where hundreds were slaughtered! btw, tell that to all western and middle eastern powers as well, dont beg money for them to support outser of MB!

  • Pakistani

    you could have voted them out in 5 years? Who was stopping that? You had Mubarak era judiciary and army to support as well. Mubarak’s so called golden era let egypt down as well but you gave him 30 years!!!

  • Pakistani

    first learn how to use decent language before having a conversation. May Almighty Bless you.

  • Pakistani

    Thats one side of the picture. Even if I accept all that is correct, there is no excuse whatsoever for Army to come in and then kill ppl protesting on roads. I have lived and worked in egypt so i know how strong military is and how it controls everything. We have seen this happen in Pakistan many times. We have learnt some bitter lessons and egyptians i hope do not go through that again. All the best. May Almighty Bless us all.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    because we have no use for democratically elected governments.

  • Berggeist

    The German military should not have been a supporter of the Weimar Republic for in it was the egg out of which the Nazi cockatrice hatched. There is no evidence that the Reichswehr would have unleashed a war in Europe had Hitler not come to power, none whatsoever. Every military of the 20th century, if they were worthy of the country which they served, had offensive and defensive contingency plans, the Reichswehr included. The roll of all military planners is to prepare for the next war. That is their calling unless, of course, they are political hacks who prostitute their army as a community service organization. The Egyptian army did not make the mistake which the Reichswehr made. Thank God.